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Xtended Auto Choice puts you in the drivers seat by allowing you to select which coverage best suits your needs.
Build your coverage with the following options:

Covers damage from flying debris and stress cracks as well as repairs minor cracks, stars and chips.

Covers damaged, lost or stolen keys/fobs including reprogramming. Additional benefits for other keys on the same ring.

Repairs minor dents and dings and hail damage. There is no painting required and process will not harm factory finish.

Towing. Flat Tire, Fluid Delivery, Lock-out and Battery

• Covers damage from road hazards
• Repair or replace damaged tires & wheels
• No aggregate dollar limits
• No limit on the number of covered claims

Includes Select coverage benefits plus:
• Curb damage
• Cosmetic wheel repairs

What is the difference between the Choice and Complete programs?

Xtended Auto Complete is a variety of coverages, packaged together to offer extensive protection at an affordable price. Complete coverage includes windshield repair, key repair/replacement, paintless dent repair, interior repair, tire and wheel coverage, roadside assistance and trip interruption coverage as well as lease-end benefits. The Xtended Auto Choice program is an a-la-carte offering. The customer can select options based on their specific needs or for the more price sensitive customer, desired price point.Lease-end benefits are only available with the purchase of the Xtended Auto Complete program, Ultimate Lease Coverage.

What is deemed a road hazard?

Road hazards are deemed as objects and road conditions such as potholes, rocks, wood debris, metal parts, nails, glass, plastic or composite scraps or any item causing damage other than wear and tear.

What is the PDR process?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a method of repairing dents in a car’s bodywork by reshaping the panel from behind. As a result, the dented metal is pushed out and restored to its original shape with no need to fill or paint over the damage maintaining the manufacturer’s paintwork finish.

Are dents due to hail damage covered?

Yes, in the event that your covered vehicles dents/dings are caused by hail damage we will reimburse the contract holder up to $250 per occurrence for repair.

Is there a maximum number of key replacements for the term of coverage?

No, there is not a maximum number of key replacements allowed under the terms of coverage. There is a limit of 1 key replacement per 12 month period during the term of coverage.

Is there coverage for additional keys lost?

Yes, in the event that additional keys were lost in conjunction with your covered key we will reimburse you up to $100 per occurrence to replace them.

What does interior repair cover?

Interior repair covers minor interior rips, burns and tears (up to 3 inches in length), cracks, scratches or punctures (less than 1 ¼ inches in diameter) to interior surfaces or fabric of leather seats, dashboard materials, armrests, door panels, headliners and carpeting (Floor mats are excluded) due to normal wear and tear.

Am I able to use Roadside Assistance when travelling in the US?

Yes, roadside assistance is available all across North America. It includes towing assistance, flat tire assistance, fuel/oil/fluid and water delivery service, lockout assistance and battery assistance.

Is the Roadside Assistance program a reimbursement service?

No, you will need to contact our Xtended Auto Roadside Assistance in order to utilize these benefits. Then you just sign and drive while Xtended takes care of the rest.

What is the difference between Select and Ultimate Tire and Wheel?

Our Select program includes: Tire repair, Tire Replacement, Wheel Replacement, Towing and Rental Car coverage. Our ultimate program includes all the features of the Select program plus the additional benefits of Curb Damage and Cosmetic Damage coverage.

If I have custom wheels or tires can I get tire and wheel coverage?

No, custom wheels and tires are not eligible for tire and wheel coverage.

If I have a commercial vehicle can I get tire and wheel coverage?

No, commercial vehicles are not eligible for tire and wheel coverage.